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With over 100 years experience in the bridal industry. In their 4th generation Ellis Bridal are dedicated to creating timeless and elegant pieces that are both expertly constructed with luxury, at affordable prices.

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Ellis Bridal

Boasting a rich heritage that spans over a century in the bridal industry, Ellis Bridal stands as a testament to timeless elegance. Now in their fourth generation, their unwavering dedication is evident in every meticulously crafted piece. Balancing luxury with affordability, each gown is a masterclass in expert construction, ensuring that every bride feels nothing short of regal on her special day.

Just said yes to my dress and I couldn’t thank the girls enough! From start to finish they have been amazing, from going to the boutique with absolutely no clue to finding my perfect gown! They are so easy to work with and have fitted me in for appointments with ease. Their knowledge and advise has been amazing! The store it’s self is beautiful and you feel at home immediately. Thanks so much girls!

Rosalyn H